ReplicAnt VR

What is ReplicAnt VR?
We are proud to present ReplicAnt VR, a new and innovative system for process simulation, 3D visualization and operator training in a virtual environment.
ReplicAnt is useful in many different disciplines and stages of a project, such as plant/process line design, erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning and continuous improvement. It can be extensively used in many different industries, including Iron & Steel, Oil & Gas, automotive, manufacturing and many others.

The NDT-Line sample video above shows ReplicAnt simulating a complete process line. Digital and analog inputs (AI-DI) such as metal detectors, precense sensors, limit switches, distance measurement trhough laser measurement devices, encoders, etc, are sent to a real PLC using simulation feeding module. Real PLC is running the logic to handle the complete line and sending back to the 3D model all the Digital and Analog Outputs (AO-DO) such as motor run / stop / rev / fwd, motor speed, valve actuators, etc. 

What do we do?
At ANT Automation, we provide engineering services, 3D modeling, development and programming for using ReplicAnt.

Key features
- Simulation: Through physics and basic mechanics, it simulates real process scenarios for existing or new plants. Selective PLC input/output (IO) can be simulated by the system, which has an extensive library of instruments, presence sensors, photo sensors, metal detectors, proximity detectors, encoders, limit switches and actuators, including hydraulic pistons, motors, linear traducers, chains and more.

- Pre-commissioning: ReplicAnt allows to perform exhaustive testing of existing PLC logic, sequencers, level 2 systems and HMI under real production simulated situations.

- Kaizen: For your continuous improvement program, the system can simulate actual production cases for testing and development of product-tracking algorithms and existing handling logic. Machinery cycle times can be simulated, altered and improved using physics and mechanics simulation. With ReplicAnt, you can also simulate sensor and actuator failures.

- Real-time 3D representation: ReplicAnt can also be used as a 3D SCADA system, since it can represent in real-time 3D photo-realistic rendering not only the simulation of the process but also the feedback from the actual plant by communicating with the PLCs.

- Collaborate: Among maintenance, engineering, process and operation, ReplicAnt utilizes layers to show targeted information depending on the user's area of interest. For example, for maintenance, it can show data about the motors and instruments, wiring path, MCCs and PLC modules connection to field devices. For process engineers, it can show quality and process values. For operation, it will show standard plant operation SCADA data.

- Virtual reality training: ReplicAnt will also give you a virtual reality (VR) training platform. Operators can either interact with virtual panels and push buttons inside the 3D model or use real push buttons connected to the PLC during the simulation of actual process scenarios. Safety training can be done in simulated hazardous situations without compromising the physical safety of participants.

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