Industrial Studio 3D SCADA

Industrial Studio SCADA is a powerful HMI/SCADA system designed to monitor and control industrial processes. It is part of ANT Industrial Studio suite of products.

Industrial Studio SCADA is OPC complaint based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4 compatible with Visual Studio 2010. The SCADA communications is based on the new Microsoft .NET Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) platform.

It is a powerful software that allows you to concentrate all your HMIs and PLCs in one unique application. It is designed to monitor and control industrial processes in real time from many different systems already installed in your plant since it is based on OPC Standard Specifications.
Industrial Studio SCADA is compatible with most known PLCs models from manufacturers such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider, ABB, Invensys, Foxboro. Success installations made using S5, S7, PCS7, ControlLogix, PLC5, SLC500, Micrologix, Triconex, Trident and Foxboro CDS 76X series.

Industrial Studio is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Windows Presentation Foundation / Silverlight ), allowing to just drag and drop controls and immediately read/trend/historic/control and process data from your existing PLCs or existing HMI in floor plant.

Industrial Studio SCADA provides tools in RIA (Rich Internet Applications) for: Real Time / Events / Alarms / SQL Logging / Product Tracking and Reporting system.


  • Powerful and simple
  • No license limitations
  • High scalability and performance
  • Short implementations times
  • Best Cost/Benefit in HMI/SCADA

Main Features

  • Controls libraries for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Expression Blend for custom developments in Silverlight and WPF
  • Real time process data acquisition through any standard OPC Server
  • Embedded Expression Solver
  • Historization of process data: data change, periodic and combined schemas
  • Web 3D Mimics for visualization, commands and set points.
  • Trends with real time and historical data with resolution in milliseconds
  • Alarms and events management: alerts, visualization, acknowledge, logging and historization
  • Built in web interface for configuration and monitoring
  • Built in web services for easy data access from external applications
  • Built in tracking and events logging to SQL databases
  • Integration with simulation and optimization models

Installation Video

Configuration Video

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