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ReplicAnt VR

What is ReplicAnt VR?
We are proud to present ReplicAnt VR, a new and innovative system for process simulation, 3D visualization and operator training in a virtual environment.
ReplicAnt is useful in many different disciplines and stages of a project, such as plant/process line design, erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning and continuous improvement. It can be extensively used in many different industries, including Iron & Steel, Oil & Gas, automotive, manufacturing and many others.
The NDT-Line sample video above shows Replic
Ant simulating a complete process line. Digital and analog inputs (AI-DI) such as metal detectors, precense sensors, limit switches, distance measurement trhough laser measurement devices, encoders, etc, are sent to a real PLC using simulation feeding module. Real PLC is running the logic to handle the complete line and sending back to the 3D model all the Digital and Analog Outputs (AO-DO) such as motor run / stop / rev / fwd, motor speed, valve actuators, etc..

Industrial Studio 3D SCADA

Industrial Studio SCADA is a powerful HMI/SCADA system designed to monitor and control industrial processes.
It is part of ANT Industrial Studio suite of products.
Industrial Studio SCADA is OPC complaint based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4 compatible with Visual Studio 2010.
The SCADA communications is based on the new Microsoft .NET Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) platform.

CIRA – Hot Spot Detection

CIRA – Continuous InfraRed Analysis
CIRA is a 24x7x365 automated infrared eye for tracking and thermal analysis / hot spot detection of static / in movement objects such as Ladles, Hot Metal Torpedo Cars, Vessel Furnaces, Electrical Arc Furnaces, etc.
CIRA automatically grabs thermal images – with no human intervention – processes the images, triggers warnings or alarms and stores all the information to be consumed by any client connected to the existing intranet.

Engineering Services

We have solid experience in different areas and industries that allow us to provide the best solution for our clients.
We are focused in providing custom solutions according to our customer needs in all the levels of the organization: starting from low level instrumentation to high level administration and management.
Our main areas of services are:

  • Basic and detailed Engineering, Design & Software Architecture
  • Automation and Process Control
  • PLC Programming
  • SCADA Development
  • Consulting and technical advice
  • Modeling and Optimization of processes
  • Management and execution of Projects
  • Outsourcing of all type of solutions with different technologies and processes

COBOP – Coal Blend OptimizerVR

The coal blending will impact in the plant performance, coke quality and costs. Decisions about coal blending must be based on a number of competing objectives involving plant performance, emissions, coal blend quality, coke quality and cost.
The coke quality obtained is related to the coal blend. The model to be implemented has the following objectives:

  • Predict the coal blend and the coke quality, constrain blend and coke quality properties
  • Help to the process Engineer in decision making for the coal’s purchasing
  • Minimize expected (mean) cost  of coal blending accomplishing with coke quality
  • Minimize the standard deviation of coal blending cost
  • Evaluate a new coal or selection of a least-cost coal blend for a plant.

Rule Engine

More info coming, check back soon. 

Our Company

ANT Automation (Applying New Technologies) is a company dedicated to provide high quality Engineering Services and state-of-the-art software for Industry.

Our company's head offices are in Argentina (ANT Automation SA) & United States of America (ANT Automation LLC) and provides services and products worldwide.

We count on a cohesive group of professionals with experience in a wide range of technologies and areas such as Engineering, Math, Metallurgical and IT.

Our mission is to provide innovative products and quality services to our clients using all our capacity and experience in industry solutions and to build a profitable firm capable of developing and retaining highly skilled professionals.

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